28 Sonnets Later II – The Crown

28 Sonnets Later is back! And, like The Godfather Part 2, we’ve added a layer of complexity!

28 Sonnets Later Front copy

Last February, myself, Leanne Moden, Russell J Turner, and Adam Warne took it in turns to write and post a sonnet a day on a little blog. We were so happy with the results that we’ve decided to try it again. This year, however, we’re going to attempt something that (to my knowledge) has not been tried before: we’re going to group-write a crown of sonnets.

What’s a crown of sonnets? It’s simple: the last line of the first sonnet becomes the first line of the second sonnet. The second sonnet’s last line becomes the first line of sonnet three, and so on – until sonnet 28. This last sonnet will take its first line from the end of sonnet 27, and its last line will be the first of sonnet 1. If you’re still confused, don’t worry – you only have to read them. And spread them around on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll be using the same blog as last year http://28sonnetslater.blogspot.com, so why not go there now and have a look at last year’s efforts? There’s some great stuff to be found. And tune in on Feb 1st for more!

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